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History of Irish Pubs

Top Irish Bar Vancouver

Best Irish Pub Vancouver Lennox Pub

Interesting facts about Irish Pubs  

Do you know that the oldest Irish pub Sean’s Bar was established in 10th century in Athlone. Sean’s Bar is still operating.

The Lennox Pub, TOP Irish Pub in Vancouver, Canada  is much younger. It opened its doors in 2000.

It sounds unbelievable that first five centuries Irish Pubs did not need any license. Only in 17th century the law required  establishments serving alcoholic drinks for consumption on premises to get licence.

Irish pubs also known as  public houses were the working man’s alternative to the private drinking establishments frequented by those who could pay for entry.

The oldest law about Irish Pubs that is still in effect was enacted in 1735. It’s called Drink on Credit to Servants Act. It states that  publican who sold a drink on credit to servants, labourers or other low-wage earners had no right to seek help from the law in recovering that debt.

In 18th century it became illegal to get married in a pub. You can get married at The Lennox Pub, Vancouver if you want.

Traditionally food was not served  in Irish Pubs since eating out was uncommon for Irish culture.

That changed in the 1970s and now both hearty food and drinks, friendly atmosphere, Irish music and sports   are main features of Irish pub experience.

Etiquette in Irish Pubs

Do you know the main rule of  in Irish pubs etiquette ?  Well, it is traditional that, when with a group, patrons take turns buying rounds of drinks for the group as a whole. It is considered bad manners to leave before buying your round of drinks.

The traditional Irish toast is “Sláinte” (SLAWN-chuh) which is the Gaelic equivalent of “cheers”.

The Lennox Pub is featured by TripAdvisor as TOP Irish bar in Vancouver three years in a row. Check out The Lennox 800, Granville Street. You will certainly love the experience.

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